Saturday, 23 April 2011

Spookworks 2011 Season

Hi all,

Just to let you know what is happening at Spookworks at the moment.

We recently competed in the D'Isis Rally and had a great time.  The stages were fast and interesting as it was held at MIRA.  Loved the bridge and the handling circuit.  For a first event in a new car we managed 17th overall and 11th in class.  Very happy with that.  Barry as co-driver and Greg/Jonesy as service did an outstanding job.  A highlight being Jonesy fixing a leaking fuel filler pipe next to the scrutineers.  Great job and held fast the whole rally.

Sadly when we pulled in after finishing the event, we had a small engine fire.  Basically hot turbo with anti lag, melted power steering pipe and fluid sprayed onto hot turbo causing fire.  Will confirm what damage has been caused tomorrow but we could be very lucky and have very little damage at all.  See pics on the gallery.  Event video out soon.