Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weekend Update

After putting in a good 10 hours work on the car we have made some progress but not as much as we had hoped. Seized bolts seems to be everywhere and both a hacksaw and drill had to be used to get some of the old bits off to get the new bits on.

The power steering pipes are now on and fitted.  System has been bled and looks ok.  Pipes look great! Was a nightmare getting the pipes back on - but we knew this.

Fuel filler pipe now fitted and whole area tied up.  Brake hose has also been rerouted.

Tried to replace the rear anti roll bar but one of the anti roll bar bracket bolts sheared leaving me with a problem.  Decided to give Langworth a call on Monday to ask advice but this gives me a big headache especially as I want to use the FoM for a test session for the new roll bar.  Hopefully the problem will fix itself over night by some miracle taking place.....

More new parts hopefully arrive tomorrow so I will have another update then.