Monday, 27 June 2011

Thanks to Roger Clark Motorsport

Spookworks would like to personally thanks Olly and his team at Roger Clark  Motorsport for getting Spookworks out of a tricky situation at last weekends Rally of the Midlands.  As you know it was a great result for Spookworks with a second in class and 15th overall - but we had a few issues in scrutineering - particularly with a "faulty" 34mm turbo restrictor.  Quite rightly the MSA scrutineer would not let us continue with a faulty restrictor so we were in a bit of a pickle.  As these items rarely break we did not have a spare but when things looked bleak and time was running out a quick call to Olly at Roger Clark Motorsport and the cavalry was at hand.  They managed to loan us a working restrictor (albeit 32mm)  to get us through scrutineering and well, the rest is history.

I popped to RCM in Hinckley today to return the part and say thank you in person.  Their new premises are pretty impressive.  It would make Malcom Wilson jealous!  The range of parts they have is stunning.  I have no doubt that many Spookworks tokens will be finding their way to RCM very shortly.  Have a look for yourself at the link below.

I even saw the legendary gobstopper in the flesh!  Rumors are of a Gobstopper 2?

Watch this space as hopefully the Spookworks Subaru slowly obtains some RCM improvements....