Sunday, 25 September 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Spookworks gets 10th overall and 3rd in Class at Woodbridge Stages

Spookworks is delighted to announce their first ever TOP TEN finish on a UK Rally.

Celebrations went on late into the night at Spookworks HQ as the team picked up 10th overall and 3rd in class after a hard days rallying at the Woodbridge event.  A small incident on stage 1 with a tree branch put an early dampener on things but despite some minor damage the Spookworks Subaru powered back to be 16th after the first stage.  By the end of the day the crew had fought their way up to 12th and then into 10th on the final stage to claim some more silverware for the Spookworks HQ trophy cabinet.  The success is mainly due to the incredible braking performance of the Alcon front brakes on the Spookworks Subaru which simply devours our opponents in the braking zones.

Full report and pics to follow soon......