Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Latest News - Spookworks seeded at 35 for the Fat Albert

This weekend sees Spookworks in action at the last event of the RAF Rally Championship calendar  - the Fat Albert Stages.  The team are seeded at 35th, which although a bit higher than expected, should not prove any issues as the crew look to fight for their first title defence of the RAF Rally Championship.
Spookworks Impreza undergoes some last minute fettling at a secret location prior to this weekends title defence 
The Spookworks Impreza (shown above at a secret Spookworks Engineering Facility) has undergone some significant upgrading since the Woodbridge Stages where the Spookworks Team gained an excellent 3rd in Class and 10th overall. Most significantly the car has been fully equipped with Superpro Bushes and the initial signs are extremely impressive.  The car is so much firmer and the steering response seems smoother and more direct.  The team can't wait to get out on the stages to put the bushes through their paces and you can read a full report on how the bushes perform right here in the very near future.  It may of interest that the Spookworks service crew were amazed at how easy the bush upgrade was to install and the front end of the car was completed in just a few hours.  The bushes pushed easily into place and the more difficult to access ones came in 2 pieces which meant that once the old ones came out the the new ones just simply slipped into place. They don't half look the business as well!

Can a bush be described as beautiful? betcha it can!