Monday, 10 September 2012

Spookworks enter the Woodbridge Stages

Spookworks HQ announced today that the team have entered the Woodbridge Stages Rally on the 23rd September.  The event held in Suffolk, consists of 60 stages miles spread over 6 stages.  The Spookworks Team Director at the pre event press conference held at Spookworks HQ stated: 

"This will be our 2nd attempt at the event and we are a lot more prepared and knowledgeable about what lies ahead.  The car is light years ahead in terms of it's development and the team have been working round the clock to ensure that the car is fully set up for the event. We are still fitting new parts even now!  We were extremely impressed with the organisation and enthusiasm of the organisers last year and are really looking forward a fantastic event.

The director took several questions from the media but the conference was drawn to an early close when a question was asked about certain Edith Piaf records.

The pre event Press Conference at Spookworks HQ.  Don't mention Edith Piaf.

Action from 2011 Woodbridge Stages - the Spookworks Impreza blasts thorough the scrub for 3rd in class and 10th overall.

Front wheel drive only as Spookworks pushes tar at Woodbridge. The co-drivers wing mirror is meant to be like that to aid aerodynamics.....