Monday, 21 January 2013

Spookworks Enters The Flying Fortress Stages 17 March 2013

At a hastily convened Press Conference at a snowy Spookworks winter retreat, the Spookworks spokesman announced that the Spookworks RAF Rally Team has officially entered the Flying Fortress Rally to be held on the 17 March 2013 near Kettering.  He stated:

"Its great to have our first event of the year confirmed.  We have never done this event before so its going to be a big challenge.  A lot of development has gone into the 2013 car and we are looking forward to getting into battle and seeing what it can do.  The Flying Fortress requires a gravel set up so you can see the team is headed in a new direction this year. Its an exciting time and we are very optimistic about the season ahead.  Its going to be a big year."

Spookworks Winter Retreat.  A modest location for some winter preparation and a hasty press conference.

The spokesman refused to comment about why Spookworks had decided to take a new direction or what the recent developments would be. 

To find out more about the Flying Fortress Stages see there website