Friday, 5 October 2012

Spookworks have confirmed entry on the Fat Albert Stages

Spookworks HQ issued a press release this evening announcing they had officially entered the 2012 Fat Albert Stages.

The announcement made in front of the waiting world media confirmed that the Spookworks Impreza was battle ready after the dramas at Woodbridge and that the event could see Spookworks claim the 3rd successive RAF Rally Championship Crown.

The press release stated:  "Whilst motorsport and rallying in particular is unpredictable we are quietly confident that we will achieve our stated aims at the upcoming Fat Albert Rally. We are 32 points behind n the Championship and with our main contender sitting on the sidelines this should be the rally equivalent of putting from 2 feet away - but we are conscious it doesnt always go in! However, the Spookworks Impreza is back to full fighting fitness after the exhausting time at Woodbridge.  We would like to thank the team for repairing the car so quickly and for all the extra effort they have put in."
The media eagerly await the latest Spookworks Press Release
As city bankers will know, past performance is no indicator of future results but Spookworks has a good track record at the Keevil airfield event with the last 3 years bringing a 4th, 3rd and 6th in class respectively. Whilst the entry list looks like a who's who of British rallying; the team will be looking to continue their success and better their strong result from 2011.  The car is in good shape, the boffins are exhausted and there is not a Fanta can in sight.

On route to Championship number 2 and 4th in Class and 10th overall at the 2011 Fat Albert Stages