Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Spookworks prepares for battle at Fat Albert Rally

Final preparations are now in full swing as Spookworks gets ready battle it out for 2012 RAF Championship honors at the Fat Albert Stages, Keevil Airfield, Wilts on the 27th October.

Whilst it is too early for seeding, the team know that no matter what the rally throws at them then this year should be an easier year (in theory) than last years effort to retain the title for the 3rd year running.  With the Spookworks nemesis Phil Bruce absent for this event but still leading the Championship on 347 points to Spookworks 316; simply starting the event will net the crew 50 points for just crossing the start line and seal the 2012 RAF Rally Championship.

Maximum attack - there is only one way RAF Spookworks Rally Team knows how to compete.
As this previous pic shows from the Fat Albert Rally

You think the mood in the Spookworks camp would be ecstatic with the prospect of such an easy task.  Spookworks Chief Executive Officer explains its not that simple:

"Mathematically, its just a case of turn up, cross the start line and enjoy the rest of the day but I afraid we can't think like that.  Phil Bruce is as tough a competitor as it comes and you don't win 4 RAF Championships unless you can really pedal a rally car.  Yes, obviously he won't be there to compete which makes it easier; but in rallying anything can happen - even the best factory WRC cars can fail to start the morning of a rally.  So we are approaching this like any other event, full preparation, full commitment and we are looking for a strong finish.  We will not be making up the numbers or looking to drive safe to the finish; we are looking for a good result.  We can think about what that means when the rally is over. "

Looks can be deceiving - inside Spookworks boffins are preparing the Impreza for battle.
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