Saturday 30 July 2011

There is no education like adversity - Disraeli

Spookworks has regrettably been forced to withdraw its entry to the Tyneside Stages this weekend.

A last minute front brake upgrade has exposed a misaligned and damaged front hub carrier and steering arm.  The damage is extremely slight, but is enough to create a 2-3mm gap between the caliper and the disc.  This would cause uneven braking and therefore constitutes a safety risk.  Spookworks do not take risks with safety and have therefore withdrawn from the event.  My thanks go out to the Spookworks team for working late into the night and early hours of the morning to try every possible solution to fix the problem and to Olly, Tim and the boys at Roger Clark Motorsport for an heroic last ditch effort to try and come to the rescue (again). The decision to withdraw was made late Friday night after all possible avenues were exhausted.  New parts will arrive early next week and Spookworks will line up ready for the Richard burns Memorial Rally in 2 weeks time. 

The scene of battle - Despite the best efforts from Olly and his boys at  Roger Clark sadly  the Spookworks Impreza  is out  of action for the 2011 Tyneside Stages
The Spookworks Team Director would like to apologise to all Spookworks supporters, sponsors, Alnwick and District Motor Club and fellow RAF Competitors and has already declared that Spookworks will now enter the Woodbridge Stages in place of the Tyneside for 2011.  He stated:

"This is an unbelievable disappointment for us all and we are all upset at this quirk of fate.  We were looking forward to a ding dong battle across the Otterburn Ranges with our old sparring partner Phil Bruce and the new Fox Racing guys from Scotland.  The car was in great shape and we had high expectations, but sadly this smallest of misalignments could not be resolved at the 11th hour.  We will however be back for the Richard Burns Memorial Rally fully fighting fit and ready to go.  Thankfully we only have to wait 2 weeks to get back into the action. I would like to apologise to all our supporters and sponsors and wish all the RAF Competitors a safe and successful event.  I would finally like to thank the Spookworks crew and Olly and the guys at Roger Clark for their heroic last efforts to try to keep the car in the event."

You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.  ~Walt Disney

Thursday 28 July 2011

Alcon Brakes and Spookworks - More Bad News for the Bad Guys

Spookworks is proud to announce a partnership with Alcon Brakes. 

 The Tyneside Stages this weekend will see the team deploy for the first time with the simply magnificent Alcon stoppers on the front of the Spookworks Impreza.  Alcon have been supplying WRC, F1, NASCAR and other world leading teams with brakes for years.  The represent simply the best stopping power available in the market today.  When it really counts these are the brakes to have - why else do the HM Forces choose them for their operational vehicles.

For all you guys who thought you were catching us up .... bad news..... your back in second place.

An Alcon 6 Pot front brake kit.  Simply the best brakes available on the market.

When not stopping the Spookworks Impreza these often moonlight as works of art.  I never thought of describing a brake caliper as beautiful but I am afraid that seems like the only option.....

Not a pizza, although about the same size!  Stops an Rally Impreza  from about 100 mph in the length of a pizza box though....

Badge of Honour - The Spookworks Impreza is proud to wear the Alcon Logo

Monday 25 July 2011

2011 RAF Festival of Motorsports Video

The official 2011 RAFMSA Festival of Motorsport Video has been released.  Hot of the press you can see it here or on the videos section of the main website.  A truly excellent production by a very talented man who goes by the name of Neil Chapman.  Even has a Spookworks cameo - see if you can spot us....

Friday 15 July 2011

Spookworks Hits the Big Time - again

Spookworks makes the news again after our recent success on the Rally of Midlands. 
Who reads it you may ask?  
How about 4800 subscribers or 140,000 regular readers!  That's a good start. Enjoy.

Monday 4 July 2011

Sometimes it's hard to catch a brake!

The lack of brakes we had at the recent Rally of the Midlands was investigated at the weekend and it appears that a sticking rear caliper may have been the culprit.  Sadly, we took the pads out this was confirmed.  The pic you see below is of the rear brakes pads from the rear passenger side...the shiny brake pad is shiny because it has no pad left!  What you see is polished metal. Pocket shaving mirror anyone?

Spookworks are now on the hunt for new brakes for the Tyneside Stages on 31 July.
Rear Passenger Side Brake Pads after the Rally of the Midlands

All we need now are some brakes that are up to the job!