Wednesday 30 January 2013

Spookworks in Secret Ice Test Session

Spookworks RAF Rally Team took advantage of the bad weather conditions last week to have a sneaky test session at a secret location.

Cold as Ice....Spookworks turns up the heat on a secret test track

The team tested a new brake and suspension set up as well as a new gravel wheel and tyre package.  Although no official photography was allowed we managed to get these exclusive shots from an amateur cameraman who we managed to bribe with some lukewarm Bovril and a pack of half eaten Jaffa cakes.

Only the bravest and courageous amateurs were out in the woods on this day!

Slippery when wet - sideways is the only way in these conditions....
Traction control - is a relative term

Only one way in the snow - givin it the beans....

Monday 21 January 2013

Spookworks Enters The Flying Fortress Stages 17 March 2013

At a hastily convened Press Conference at a snowy Spookworks winter retreat, the Spookworks spokesman announced that the Spookworks RAF Rally Team has officially entered the Flying Fortress Rally to be held on the 17 March 2013 near Kettering.  He stated:

"Its great to have our first event of the year confirmed.  We have never done this event before so its going to be a big challenge.  A lot of development has gone into the 2013 car and we are looking forward to getting into battle and seeing what it can do.  The Flying Fortress requires a gravel set up so you can see the team is headed in a new direction this year. Its an exciting time and we are very optimistic about the season ahead.  Its going to be a big year."

Spookworks Winter Retreat.  A modest location for some winter preparation and a hasty press conference.

The spokesman refused to comment about why Spookworks had decided to take a new direction or what the recent developments would be. 

To find out more about the Flying Fortress Stages see there website

Monday 14 January 2013

Sit back and enjoy....

Sometimes a picture tells a thousand words.  Grab some popcorn and sit back for the critically acclaimed blockbuster that is RAF Spookworks Rally Team 2012 Highlight reel.....

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Spookworks Movie to premiere at Autosport Show

Spookworks HQ have announced that the Spookworks 2012 Season Review will premiere at this weekend's Autosport International Show.

The exclusive Spookworks only preview screening was a big success

After many months of hard work, an all star cast and the biggest budget ever allocated to a Spookworks production  - the Spookworks 2012 Season Review will screen for the very first time at this weekends Autosport International

To see it though you will have to visit our friends at the Superpro stand as they have been given exclusive rights to show the production.  Don't miss out on this historic occasion to witness one of the all time classics on the big screen.

If you have been living on a different planet and have no idea what we are talking about just have a look at the pics below.  The advertising budget for this film was more than double any previous Spookworks record.

The no 15 to non stop action

A circus of adventure and drama

You'll be climbing the walls with anticipation!

And don't take our word for it check out the critics:

"An emotional roll coaster of octane fueled ecstasy" Patrick Williams - Stockport Movie Review

"High adrenaline action that will leave you clinging to your seat - 5 Stars"
Doris - Spookworks HQ Cleaner

"Where is the nearest post box?"

Random Bloke - Northwood High Street

Spookworks 2012 Season Review - coming to a cinema near you!

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Spookworks back in business...

With 2012 now well behind us and the aftermath of the Spookworks New Years Eve party now repaired, all the boffins rounded up and installed back in the Spookworks biosphere and the Australian bloke found underneath the Spookworks billiard table safely returned to the possession of his embassy it is time to focus on 2013. 

Into the unknown we go...who knows what 2013 will bring?

Whilst the final touches are still to be made to the masterpiece that is the 2013 Spookworks calendar, a rough pencil sketch does exist and I can inform you that the current plan looks something like this....

Round 1 - Flying Fortress Stages, Kettering 17 March
Round 2 - London Rally of Heroes, Brooklands 19 April
Round 3 - Coracle Stages, Sweet Lamb, Wales, July
Round 4 - Brands Hatch Stages, Kent, August
Round 5 - Fat Albert Stages, Keevil, Wilts, October
Round 6 - Sunseeker Rally, Bournemouth, October
Round 7 - Tempest Rally, London, Nov
Round 8 - Rockingham Stages, Dec

Once again Spookworks are committed to the defence of their 2012 RAF Rally Champion crown hoping to further extend the record for most consecutive titles.  Although this year the competition look tougher than ever!!!!

For the record these girls did not partake in the Spookworks Sauna
But before we forget about 2012 lets just have a quick look at the numbers:

2012 By the numbers.........

40,000      People saw us at National Armed Forces Day in Portsmouth
29,000      Pics taken of Spookworks Subaru
890           Points scored in the 2012 RAF Rally Championship
786           Zip ties used to keep the car together in 2012
459           Litres of Shell V Power used
439           Miles of stages completed
242           Number of times in bad books with Mrs Spookworks
70             Likes on Facebook
39             Stages completed
28             Pirelli RX7 18" Medium compound tyres used
22nd         Average finishing position overall
14             Highest number of Spookettes in the Spookworks Sauna at one tine
6               Edith Piaf vinyls confiscated
5th           Average finishing position in Class
5              Events successfully completed
4              Misused famous quotes in Spookworks blogs
3rd           Sucessive RAF Championship
2nd           Highest finishing position in class
1               RAF Rally Championship Silver Trophy sitting proudly in Spookworks HQ

We like to think we made quite a splash in 2012.....