Wednesday 9 January 2013

Spookworks Movie to premiere at Autosport Show

Spookworks HQ have announced that the Spookworks 2012 Season Review will premiere at this weekend's Autosport International Show.

The exclusive Spookworks only preview screening was a big success

After many months of hard work, an all star cast and the biggest budget ever allocated to a Spookworks production  - the Spookworks 2012 Season Review will screen for the very first time at this weekends Autosport International

To see it though you will have to visit our friends at the Superpro stand as they have been given exclusive rights to show the production.  Don't miss out on this historic occasion to witness one of the all time classics on the big screen.

If you have been living on a different planet and have no idea what we are talking about just have a look at the pics below.  The advertising budget for this film was more than double any previous Spookworks record.

The no 15 to non stop action

A circus of adventure and drama

You'll be climbing the walls with anticipation!

And don't take our word for it check out the critics:

"An emotional roll coaster of octane fueled ecstasy" Patrick Williams - Stockport Movie Review

"High adrenaline action that will leave you clinging to your seat - 5 Stars"
Doris - Spookworks HQ Cleaner

"Where is the nearest post box?"

Random Bloke - Northwood High Street

Spookworks 2012 Season Review - coming to a cinema near you!