Thursday 28 July 2011

Alcon Brakes and Spookworks - More Bad News for the Bad Guys

Spookworks is proud to announce a partnership with Alcon Brakes. 

 The Tyneside Stages this weekend will see the team deploy for the first time with the simply magnificent Alcon stoppers on the front of the Spookworks Impreza.  Alcon have been supplying WRC, F1, NASCAR and other world leading teams with brakes for years.  The represent simply the best stopping power available in the market today.  When it really counts these are the brakes to have - why else do the HM Forces choose them for their operational vehicles.

For all you guys who thought you were catching us up .... bad news..... your back in second place.

An Alcon 6 Pot front brake kit.  Simply the best brakes available on the market.

When not stopping the Spookworks Impreza these often moonlight as works of art.  I never thought of describing a brake caliper as beautiful but I am afraid that seems like the only option.....

Not a pizza, although about the same size!  Stops an Rally Impreza  from about 100 mph in the length of a pizza box though....

Badge of Honour - The Spookworks Impreza is proud to wear the Alcon Logo