Saturday 21 January 2012

Secrets of Spookworks #1

Here at Spookworks we are often asked what colour our car is.  Well its obviously red but what kind of red.  Subaru made several shades of red for their GC8 Imprezas - Red Mica being one of the most popular.  Well here at Spookworks we do things a little differently and as we get ready for the 2012 season we are going to let you into a little secret.

You see we all know that red cars are faster - in fact the colour red is the quickest colour for the human eye to process.  This is evidenced by all of our danger and warning signs being largely red.  But the Spookworks Impreza isn't painted in any old red....

You see to extract every last ounce of performance out of the Spookworks Impreza we only ever use the best - nothing else will do.  And that's why the Spookworks Subaru is gloriously painted head to toe in nothing other than:

Ferrari Rosso Red!

(Or are Ferraris painted in Spookworks Rosso Red?)

If you don't believe us, we had the paint tested by a laboratory close to the secret Spookworks Technical Centre.  If its good enough for Enzo its good enough for us!

It does what it says on the tin!