Sunday 4 March 2012

Spookworks Secrets # 2 High Tech doesn't have to mean high cost!

 A little gem from the boffins at the Spookworks Technology Centre this time.  With any performance car, especially Subaru's there is a wealth of aftermrket parts available which promise all sorts of improvements in terms of adjustability, weight or capacity usually at costs measured in not inconsiderable sums of money.

But the Spookworks bofffins, occasionally have sparks of inspiration and when the Spookworks hotline rang with an update, the Spookworks financial team were relieved to hear that a significant upgrade to the Spookworks Impreza had been achieved  for the cost of a takeway pizza.

During 2011, the Spookworks Impreza had been through quite a lot and sadly at some point the rear suspension link arms had become more bent than a corrupt banana claiming expenses.  Aftermarket replacements can cost in the region of £600 but a quick search on a certain auction site offered some 2nd hand alloy arms at a mere £22.

Straight and true, although in need of some cosmetic attention they were sent off to the polishing bay at the Spookworks HQ for some attention and hey presto they came up as good as new.  Out come the old bushes and a set of Superpro bushes pressed in their place and hey presto you have a set of link arms which are lighter, more capable and look the business - and at a fraction of the cost.  Ham and Pineapple anyone?

After - with Superpro bushes of course!