Monday 18 June 2012

Spookworks back luck continues - Rally of Midlands Entry Cancelled

Regrettably Spookworks has announced that they will no longer be competing on the Rally of Midlands in 2012.  The event is one of Spookworks all time favourites and the team are said to be devastated.  High priority work commitments have impacted on Spookworks to prepare for the event so soon after the Jim Clark Rally and late last night after a last ditch effort the Team Director finally had to take a position.

All dressed up but no where to go.  Work commitments prevent the team from  entering the Rally of the Midlands 2012
He stated "Obviously we are all disappointed not to be at one of our most successful and favourite events but that's just how things have worked out. Rest assured we are not going to sit around and focus on this unfortunate turn of events. We have a championship fight for and we are already working towards out next event and believe me -  we are going to be coming out to make up for lost time."

An announcement on the next event for Spookworks is believed to be expected in the next few weeks.

Happier times - Spookworks soaring on the Jim Clark Rally 1 - 2 June