Sunday 11 November 2012

Spookworks sees the light!

Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you - John Ruskin

Fix that %$£* light before the next event - Anon Spookworks Boffin

Following a much slower car not only costs time it can cost money.

On the final stage of the Fat Albert Stages the mighty Spookworks Impreza got stuck behind a Vaxhall Nova in a tight section of the stage and there was no room to get past.  Whilst this cost us plenty of time, a rock kicked up from the forementioned vehicle smashed the Spooworks drivers side light and made a dent in the Spookworks fighting fund, as a new headlight had to be sourced and fitted.

Luckily this is actually a 5 min job as opposed to a normal 5 min job that actually takes 2 hours.

So this was the situation after the event  the car with a bandaged up headlight.

The raw wound....painful

Old headlight removed....

New headlight in

It works.....and not a boffin in sight.