Tuesday 1 April 2014

Spookworks Unveil New Rally Simulator for 2014.

In a surprise announcement, a Spookworks Spokesman has announced that installation of a new indoor rally simulator is now complete at the Spookworks Corporate HQ.  The simulator will allow for all weather 24 hour testing capability and concurrent mechanical and aerodynamic development.

The simulator will be used extensively in Spookworks HQ

The Spookworks spokesman stated "We are very pleased to announce the completion of our new rally simulator here at Spookworks HQ.  This will give us an incredible opportunity to conduct detailed, in- house testing and development in a variety of different scenarios at a fraction of the cost of deploying a full Spookworks test team.  The simulator is extremely advanced, accurate and allows a number of different parameters to be tested in any weather and at any time of the year.  Based on real world physics, it also allows us to try different set ups and new driver settings which we previously could not do in a consequence free environment. Lessons and experiences learnt on the simulator can then be easily and quickly transferred onto the stage at a fraction of the development cost."

The simulator is believed to be unique to Spookworks and can be used to also test a variety of aerodynamic packages in addition to driver development. It is expected that the simulator will be made available for the new Spookworks Junior Team by the end of May 14.

21st Century shortcut: Spookworks released this picture of the actual simulator (shown in kitchen floor and hallway test spec)