Saturday 7 May 2011

New Parts Arrive

Good news the new parts have arrived to repair the damage post the D'Isis Rally.

New Parts Arrive - Hurrah!
Left front is the new rear drop links from Whiteline, next to those are the 2 new power steering pipes repaired by Pirtek.  (They include some space age technology fire protection so if I got into some sort of earth re-entry I will be fine..) The little sensor shaped like a hose connector is to replace the melted sensor (pic in previous post) and is courtesy of CC Motorsport, Sheffield.  Thanks Chris. Next is some new teng "stubby" spanners so I can minimise the nightmare of putting the power steering pump pipes back on....behind that new power steering fluid,   Redline, expensive but low foam, high boiling point and generally just good stuff. The big red bag behind the fluid is the new 24mm uprated Whiteline Anti Roll bar to try and reduce the roll we had at the previous event.  Fingers crossed.  The item in the middle is a second hand fuel filler pipe to replace the one that Jonesy had to repair half way through scrutineering (Thanks Jonesy!) Thanks to Langworth Motorsport, Lincoln for that one. Finally the 2 gold things in between the filler pipe and the anti roll bar are uprated rear anti roll bar mounts.  Apparently if you stick the 24mm rear anti roll bar on without these you are in trouble.  The uprated bar will just rip the standard ones out.  Right better go - tomorrow I will try and fit it all.