Thursday 12 May 2011

Ti Motorsport to the Rescue

After several attempts we just couldn't fix the anti roll bar mounts.  We tried a helicoil before anyone asks which as a concept is brilliant but we could only get it to work in one of the holes. With the Festival of Motorsport just around the corner ( next Tuesday) we had to cut our losses and escalate the problem higher.

 After some discussion with Gwaine at Langworth Motorsport, he suggested we try Ti Motorsport at Reading to see if they could solve the problem with a spot of welding.  Car was delivered there this afternoon to Dave who seemed to think he knew just the trick to sort us out.  So I leave the car in his capable hands to fit the anti roll bar and the newly acquired Motec Oil Catch Can - in anodised red of course.  Will post some pics when complete.  If you want to check out Ti Motorsport you can have a look at their page at the link below - they have some very cool stuff:

Ti Motorsport Home