Sunday 16 September 2012

Don't look back in anger....

The Spookworks Boffins have unveiled the latest weapon in the Spookworks arsenal.

Now at Spookworks we are used to these latest weapons being somewhere between the simply ridiculous and completely ridiculous.  But this time they may have actually got it spot on.

Often during an event the Spookworks crew will attempt to - in their words -'streamline' the car by using stage furniture (usually haybales) to push the mirrors in against the side of the car and remove excess mirrored glass in order to try and make the car as quick as possible.  However the Spookworks boffins have decided to take the pressure off the crew and have replaced the normal standard mirrors with some sleek rally style mirrors which are already pushed against the side of the car and have a minimum of mirrored glass already fitted.  Revolutionary!

In a stroke of genius the mirrors save about a 1kg of weight off the car and as a result the boffins are predicting a step up in performance for this weekends Woodbridge Stages.  Rumor has it that if the mirrors turn out to be a success then the boffins will add some low fat mayonnaise to their cucumber sandwiches in celebration.

6 days till Woodbridge - watch this space.....

The old mirrors weigh in at just under 1kg each!!!

The new mirrors weight just over 1/2 a kilo!  That's a combined 1 kg saving.  Good work  Boffins!!!

Lighter, smaller, faster?
Don't look back in anger - less time wasted doing streamlining mid stage has got to mean faster stage times....and 1kg lighter!!!

Like revenge - best served  cold - with cucumber....