Tuesday 4 September 2012

Spookworks confirm colour scheme for new transporter

Spookworks are proud to announce they can confirm the new 2012 colour scheme for the Spookworks Team Truck.

The artists in the Spookworks HQ have been burning the midnight hours, devouring croissants and fine Parisian coffee at a dramatic rate to come up with a design for the new Spookworks Team Transporter.

Regrettably, their final design was instantly dismissed by the Spookworks Management Team as the design didn't accurately reflect the design brief given to the artists and the 'essence' of Spookworks rallying. Luckily, 'Daisy' the Spookworks Hygiene and Cleaning Response Technician was on hand and after cleaning the toilets scribbled down the excellent design your see above on the back of a soiled kitchen towel.

This was instantly approved by the Team Director.

In response to their amateur work, all Spookworks artists have had their Edith Piaf recordings confiscated for 1 week, non approved berets have been banned indefinitely and the sign "Brasserie" has been removed from above the artists tea making cupboard.

Now all we need is the truck.....

Useless - what were they thinking;  that's just the view out the back of the Spookworks HQ canteen!